Pacific Locomotive Works


In brief, we take drawings, blueprints or sketches from you, and generate a computerized model called a solid. This is accomplished utilizing a 3-D modeling program such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Pro/E. Once the model is programmed in the computer, we send you JPEG pictures to proof the model. When you are satisfied, we produce the model in a form of wax utilizing our SolidScape T-66 modeler. Once this is finished, the model (which sometimes is made in pieces) is assembled and sent to one of our brass foundries. The wax master is melted-out in a mold and a brass master is made (lost-wax.). This master can then be polished, machined, or fixed up any way you like. Finally, once the master is to your liking, it is returned to the foundry where a rubber mold is produced, waxes are pulled from the rubber mold, and production parts are investment cast via lost-wax.

Updated: 8-12-22