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On-board battery with wireless control (aka Dead Rail) offers exceptional locomotive performance and simplifies layout design & construction.

For new layouts: completely eliminate track wiring…  build turnouts, reverse loops, wyes or turntables that no longer require any complicated circuity.

For existing layouts: Dead rail also offers operators of DC track powered layouts the option of adding modern DDC sound and motion control.  A  total DCC re-wiring of a layout is a daunting task.  With dead rail, simply convert one locomotive at a time.  Dead rail locos can run simultaneously with DC or DCC track powered locomotives.

Old Iron Designs specializes in O scale dead rail conversions (O Scale 2-Rail, Proto48, On3). We are a dealer for CVP-AirWire, SoundTraxx, TCS & BlueRail.

Services offered range from component sales & installation to more complex installation & refurbishments of brass engines that may include re-motoring, re-gearing, super detailing, painting, decaling and weathering.

Please contact Geoff Ringlé at Old Iron Designs to discuss your specific locomotive’s requirements.

Updated: 8-12-22