Kohs & Company, Inc



Post Office Box 689
Clarkston, Michigan 48347

Kohs & Company has become known for O scale brass railroad locomotives and rolling stock. Kohs & Company is a small dedicated company that relies on a network of specialized resources including researchers, suppliers and builders that are all members of our team without whom I could not have achieved the standards that we have collectively established. My business philosophy is simple; develop only ‘best’ quality models, offer them at a price that is a true value and stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty. Predictable quality has become the hallmark of our efforts, with each new project bettering the previous in the level of detail, accuracy and quality. Our singular standard is aimed at satisfying the most discriminating modelers and collectors while recreating in miniature elements of railroad history that have been so important and fundamental to the development of the United States. While I am mindful of the accomplishments of others in the past, I strive to innovate in order to advance The Art of Brass Models. These efforts have been undertaken using my family name as a clear indication that I am striving to create a proud legacy.