What is OS2R?

O Scale 2-Rail (OS2R) is the name for ¼” to the foot (1:48 scale proportions) model trains that run on 2-Rail track. To get a feel for the size of O Scale models, a 40-foot boxcar is 10 inches long and 3 3/4″ tall.

OS2R models come in a variety of track gauges and are typically detailed and are true scale representations of their prototypical counterparts. Models may be made of brass, diecast metal, plastic, resin or wood. They may be manufactured in ready to run (RTR) form, or as kits that need to be assembled by the modeler.

Why Choose OS2R?

The best answers come from modelers who already model in OS2R, whether they are long time modelers who started with the Scale or are converts from O Gauge 3-Rail or other scales.

One reason modelers choose OS2R is the size and heft of O Scale models. O Scale models look and feel massive. This is in contrast to models small enough to stick in your pocket, or models that look like they can be easily broken. OS2R models don’t require a microscope to see clearly. A long O Scale train going down the track is an impressive sight indeed, and can even be felt as it passes by!

A good reason to model in OS2R is that the details on O Scale models are larger and easier to see than on smaller scale models. These details can be designed into RTR models (those built and ready to put on the track out of the box), or added by the modeler. It is easier to build and detail in O Scale than in the smaller scales. We joke that OS2R is the “bifocular” scale, for those whose eyesight is not what it used to be, or whose hands are less steady. In truth, the larger size is friendly to anyone who likes to super detail their equipment. O Scale models can be as detailed as the prototype. And for those into streetcars and traction, modeling in O scale allows more accurate overhead wire construction with closer-to-prototype wire dimensions than those who model in smaller scales.

For those who are presently Hi-Railers (O Scalers using 3-Rail track), an obvious reason to convert to OS2R is that center third rail. No matter how real 3-Rail model locomotives and cars look, the illusion is marred by the toy-like appearance of 3-Rail track. Since Hi-Railers already model in same scale (1:48), the changeover to OS2R is relatively easier and cheaper than switching from another scale. For rolling stock, the switch could be as simple as changing wheels and couplers. Locomotives require a bit more work, but it can be done.

Scratch builders (those who build models from raw materials) enjoy modeling in OS2R. The models are built to 1:48, or ¼” to the foot proportions. That means one 1-inch equals 4 scale feet. The math needed to fabricate custom parts and scratch build the models is simple and doesn’t require a scale ruler. Even first-time scratch builders will find it practical and easy to work in O Scale.

Larger scale models, such as Fn3 (1:20.3) trains, have equally detailed models. However, these scales require a considerably larger, perhaps even the use of a backyard, not to mention the cost. OS2R provides the modeler the capability to build a layout inside while being large enough to enjoy.

What is O Scale Info?

O Scale Info is a website which makes information on OS2R available to everyone. Our purpose is to make our hobby better understood and more accessible. Each of the tabs in the top bar of the page are designed to give you a “first look” at OS2R and the community which models in OS2R. There is no substitute for your own experience, and the best way to get to know the Scale by far is to just jump on into it! These overviews will give you a good starting point and basic understanding of the Scale.

Clicking on O “Gauge” vs. O “Scale” lays out the differences between 2-Rail and 3-Rail O. Once you know the general differences, OS2R Track Gauges will give you a brief overview of all the options you can model in OS2R! How to Get Started is all about your first steps to get into the Scale and the community. Understanding OS2R terms is important.

Through Scale-specific social media, magazines, member organizations, clubs, shows, clinics, contests and conventions, the O Scale community shares, helps and supports each other. The Scale has a long history, and generations of modelers have left a rich legacy and a strong sense of community. Online Forums and Groups will list as many community resources as are online. Explore the website; don’t be afraid to click a link. If you ever get lost, each page has a Home button that will bring you back to the home page. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment, please Contact Us. Learn. Enjoy. Thanks you for visiting!