The 2021 March Meet has been OFFICIALLY CANCELED.

We thank everybody for their input, both public and private.  It made the decision very easy.  The breakdown was mixed within the public forums,  whereas the private input was overwhelmingly in the direction to cancel the show. 

Please spread the word ! 

1. HOTEL RESERVATIONS: The hotel should have already sent out refunds based on information we got previously.  We will make an announcement in April this year when the hotel is ready to accept reservations for 2022.  This is a change from an earlier announcement where the hotel was to offer the option to simply roll it over to 2022.  Their “computer” won’t allow such a transaction however.  Meet dates for 2022 are April 1-3 (Fri-Sun).  Room rate will be $114. 

2. MARCH MEET REGISTRATIONS:  Many have indicated (on the latest version of the flyer and online registration form) that they wish to have their Meet Registrations rolled over to 2022, if canceled for 2021.  The question was a relatively late addition to the form.  If you did not have the opportunity to indicate your preference, please email us at  We will also accept phone calls if email does not work.  

Rolling over your Registration gives us a head start in keeping the space locked in for 2022.  It also saves us from issuing refunds, then asking for the money back in a couple months.  On the flip side, it saves you from having to cash a check or search for your refund on your credit card statement only to have to write another check or go online to re-register. 

That said, we are prepared to issue full refunds to anybody and everybody If so desired. 

The 2022 March Meet will be held April 1-3, 2022. We will pick up where we left off then. 

Thank You for your support and understanding.

March O Scale Meet Committee


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